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Date:2010-09-09 21:43
Subject:CanLaro: HTML5 2D Canvas Game Development Helper

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

While looking around for some HTML5 Canvas code, I found a lot of examples, but only a handful of reusable libraries. The drawing functions, are useful and there are draw image functions that draw a part of an image, useful for a sprite. Nice but it can get troublesome with tiled animation and transformations. In the end, I decided to make one myself: CanLaro!

Can: short for canvas, also “to be able to”
Laro:  Tagalog word for game

My goal for this library is mainly to provide code that can help any 2D game get started as long as you know some Javascript and know what a game loop is. I wrote/am writing this mainly as a helper and you are free to write your game as you please.

Here it is in action: CanLaro Demo: BobCanvas.

At the moment, here’s what it offers:

  • Sprite
    • multiple animations (different sets of frames per animation)
    • transformation (rotation, translation, scale)
    • alpha
  • Keyboard Input Handler
    • configurable key mapping
    • key state checking (of course!)
    • opposing keys

Check the README at the CanLaro github project repository for more details and updated documentation.

Planned possible updates:

  • Resource Manager/Loader (there’s code in there, but it still needs some work)
  • Sprite Manager
  • Audio Manager

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Date:2009-12-15 22:32

Just checking if this crossposts to anywhere else. I can't remember if I linked it somewhere or if they're still linked. :P

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Date:2009-11-17 14:22
Subject:Breakfast Tacos

Originally published at i.cook(food);. You can comment here or there.

I should try this recipe sometime. Looks really good and easy to do. Also, having a household menu around seems nice. :D

Because remember, not knowing how to cook, is like not knowing how to fuck.

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Date:2009-11-06 16:30
Subject:Storing The Living Cheese

Originally published at i.cook(food);. You can comment here or there.

Yeah, cheese is alive, and you need to let it breathe when storing it.

Usual logic when storing food is to wrap it in plastic. Well, for cheese it’s different. It’s best to wrap it in cheese paper. If not, parchment paper or wax paper will do. Then, loosely wrap it in plastic wrap or a plastic bag.

  • Place the parchment or waxed paper flat on your counter with the wedge on top, and then bring the edges of the paper up and around the cheese, creasing as you go to make neat, clean folds. You can use tape to secure if you’d like.
  • Label the paper with the cheese variety and date.
  • A loose plastic wrap or a plastic bag over the paper generally keeps things tight (and keeps out fridge odors).
  • Keep your cheese in the warmest part of the refrigerator, like in your cheese or vegetable drawer. An even better method is to designate a large tupperware container as your cheese home, where all of your cheese pieces can live.
  • But don’t forget about your cheese once it’s in your fridge! Ideally, you should buy as much cheese as you think you’ll consume in one to two sittings. Try bringing home small quantities more often so that so that you don’t have to store it, since home refrigeration preys on those uneaten, forgotten wedges.

Thanks to Nora Singley at The Kitchn for the tip! She also put up this wonderful list on storing cheese:

The top ten rules of storage and shelf life:

  1. There’s good bad-smelling cheese and bad bad-smelling cheese. Smell your cheese when you purchase it (which is actually a key factor in enjoying the taste of your cheese, as well) and evaluate whether the current scent is just slightly more offensive or if it sends shivers of disgust down your spine. Trust your sensory instincts.
  2. Taste it. If you can’t figure it out by the smell, try a bite. If it doesn’t taste bad, it hasn’t gone bad.
  3. Fresh, soft cheeses have a shorter shelf life than aged, hard cheeses. Young cheeses like ricotta, mozzarella, and fresh goat normally have a shelf life of 7-10 days, depending on when you purchased them. Generally speaking, the viability of this family of cheese is the easiest to decipher. If the specimen has a taste or scent reminiscent of that milk in the back of your fridge, your best bet is to toss it. Along with the milk.
  4. Bloomy rinded cheeses like brie and camembert will last longer than a fresh cheese but still have a high enough moisture content to spoil. Again, depending on the age of the cheese at date of purchase, this cheese style will generally last from three to six weeks. If the rind starts to develop a slimy, pinkish-reddish mold, consider it toast. Don’t necessarily be afraid of ammonia-like smells. Ammonia is a natural by-product of cheese aging. Try taste testing in this case.
  5. Washed rind cheeses like taleggio, limburger, and epoisses are best eaten straight from the cheese shop. These are the smelly cheeses, and the stink will only proliferate in the small confines of your refrigerator. Their rinds (and, in turn, the inner paste) will dry out and crack, which is nothing short of a death sentence for the bacteria living on the rind that makes this style of cheese distinctive. Washed-rinds will last two to four weeks, but try not to see them past their first week home.
  6. Lightly aged, natural rinded goat cheeses, often individual in format and French in origin like aged crottin, chevrot, or chabichou du poitou are virtually indestructible. The nature of the cheese will change: it’ll dry out and harden with age and the flavor will become assertive, but they won’t turn. Try shaving an old dried up drum over a salad for an alternative to the ubiquitous sheet of parm or pecorino.
  7. Aged cheeses like cheddar, gruyere, gouda, Parmigiano Reggiano, and fontina have been aged to an extent that ensures their durability. With such low moisture content, there’s not much need to worry about these guys. In some cases, age can actually heighten the experience of these cheeses; more often the flavor will wan with exposure to air. If greenish-blue mold develops like in the picture at the beginning of this post, not to worry, just scrape it off.
  8. Blue cheeses become more and more biting with age. You’ll know by tasting whether or not it’s become too strong for your taste. An old blue cheese will never hurt your health, only your taste buds. Blues with an especially high moisture content will go downhill more quickly. Wrap blues in tin foil to lock in their moisture.
  9. The best way to store cheese is with cheese paper, which has an outer paper layer and an inner waxy layer. The next best thing is to wrap your cheese in parchment with a layer of plastic wrap over that. This way the cheese won’t dry out and you’ll create a protective layer of humidity in the area between the plastic wrap and parchment. NEVER wrap your cheese in plastic wrap alone! Plastic wrap has a definite flavor and your cheese will taste of it.
  10. Store your cheese in the warmest part of your refrigerator. In most cases, this would be the vegetable, cheese, or butter compartment. Even better, store all of your cheese together in a sizable Tupperware container. As mentioned before, cheese is alive, and cold temperatures limit important bacterial activity. </ul>

Thanks again! Now where’s that gruyere….

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Date:2009-07-10 01:13
Subject:Ubiquity 0.5; Updated command

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

Ubiquity 0.5 is out!

If you currently have and older version of Ubiquity installed for Firefox, it won’t automatically update since it would break a lot of other commands in the wild. If that’s ok with you, you can download Ubiquity 0.5 at Planet Ubiquity.

Of course, mine broke, too, and I just updated it! Whoo!

I updated my Ubiquity command to use the new parser. Others should also be able to localize the command if they want to do so*. The old version of the command is still up just in case some issues pop up in this version of the command.

There are still some tweaks (and maybe some other features) I want to put in but this is it for now. Time for me to get some sleep. It’ll be a busy day at work later!

*Well, not now, but probably in the future as:

Community commands (those hosted on individual servers, locally, or on the herd), however, cannot be localized at this time.

(via: Labs/Ubiquity/Ubiquity 0.5 Making Commands Localizable – 09.07.10)

Maybe soon…

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Date:2009-05-29 14:32
Subject:Don’t Repeat Yourself using LINQ & Delegates

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

In one of my projects, I had to look for certain objects using certain qualifiers: ID, Name, ID & Name, etc… Without optional parameters (Hello C# 4.0!), I ended up with copying & pasting whole blocks of code: initializing, filtering, returning the result, error handling, etc. I wondered if there was an easier solution to that and then it hit me! LINQ & delegates!

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Date:2009-04-14 11:50
Subject:On Drawing

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

Just something I said a while ago to Oyen on drawing…something I have to keep in mind myself.

Don’t censor what you think. Don’t throw away any ideas, just sort and archive. No matter how bad you think you draw, just do it. Pick up styles that you like and try to copy them. Explore other styles & copy them again. Along the way, you’ll keep a certain style that’s uniquely you.

I should really be carrying my Moleskine notebook and a few pens around…

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Date:2009-04-13 20:57
Subject:Braid: Soundtrack + Level Editor!

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

Braid is finally out on the PC. Jonathan Blow is working on some bugs. AAAAND there’s the official release of the Braid Soundtrack, and a Level Editor!


The Braid Soundtrack is available on Magnatune with two remixes of songs from the game (Maenam and Undercurrent by Jami Sieber, Jon Schatz remix)! The soundtrack itself is amazing. You can stream the music and listen if you don’t believe me.

Level Editor

To get the level editor on Braid, add a “-editor” argument when running the game and press F11. The interface might be a little confusing but fortunately, documentation will be released soon:

Yeah, after I get a new version out in a few days that fixes the problems some people are having, and when more people have played/finished the game, I am going to post some documentation for the editor. The way it works is you can make levels with the editor (up to a full game, potentially) and run that with -universe later… also a tool will be released that lets you take Photoshop files and import them into the game, if you want to put new graphics in your levels.


Now that the “what if” there was a level editor has been fulfilled, we can expect user-created “what ifs” in the coming months, weeks, …or even days? I’m excited :D

Source:Steam Forums (On Braid Soundtrack, Map Editor)</p>

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Date:2009-04-12 14:01
Subject:Bicol Express: Urabang

Originally published at i.cook(food);. You can comment here or there.

A few days ago, my aunt brought home some Bicol Express from, well, Bicol. It was gata-licious and very spicy! I was very much satisfied and loved it unlike the Bicol Express found in restaurants around Manila aren’t that spicy and as delicious.

I recently learned about “urabang” and that’s what’s possibly missing or different from non-Bicol versions of the dish. What is urabang? It’s “the Bicol version of bagoong alamang where the shrimps are a little bigger.”* Other differences may also be that: 1) the chili is “washed less,” retaining more of its spicy flavor. 2) more chili is actually used and 3) No oil is used. Instead, they are cooked in coconut oil.

Well, just my guess, but I think that’s pretty much it.

(*From a comment by ‘camilo’ at

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Date:2009-04-01 03:38
Subject:Because we need more rainbows and unicorns...

There's Conrify!

Just add that little button that looks like this Cornify and you can spice up your site with some unicorns and rainbows!

Go visit the site and click on the button to try it out :) The code snippet is in there too!

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Date:2009-02-13 21:20
Subject:Play any videogame ever created

I approve of this.

Software that can be used to play almost any computer game in history is to be developed as part of a European attempt to preserve digital cultural heritage.

The European Union has funded a €4.02 million (£3.6m, $5.2m) project dubbed KEEP, for Keeping Emulation Environments Portable, which will develop new ways to archive digital objects endangered by the relentless march of technology. As well as games, it will work to ensure that other kinds of files and software remain accessible long after the demise of the hardware and software for which they were originally intended.

Emulation involves creating a software package that replicates the functionality of a previous hardware platform, storage medium or operating system, making it possible to use old software on modern hardware. But existing emulators are usually specialised and themselves prone to becoming outdated. KEEP is intended to be the "first general purpose emulator", designed to be migrated easily to new computing platforms.

[Source: NewScientist: New software would play any videogame ever created]

Game Museums. Whee~!

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Date:2009-02-10 00:37
Subject:I got Snail Mail!

From Nintendo! Whee~!


Nintendo Letter
Neato!Just like this!

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Date:2009-02-09 00:46
Subject:25 Things

whee~! finally finished it!

25 things that are neither random nor useful in any way

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.
  1. The quickest way to my heart is through my stomach. Cook me good pasta, soup and/or cookies and you're halfway there. Freshly baked chewy chocolate chip cookies work best.
  2. "Life is short. Eat dessert first." doesn't apply to me. I prefer the soup/salad & main meal over dessert. If there's still space in my tummy, I'll eat dessert. I make an exception for cookies though. I love milk & cookies!
  3. Aside from wanting to learn to play the piano (I know little though), violin & guitar, I want to learn to play the kubing, erhu, taiko drums and didgeridoo. Priority goes to the last four.
  4. I'm an alt-aholic when it comes to games & real life. I play a lot of games (simultaneously) and in those games, I usually have more than one character (or alts). I'm also a member of a lot of social networking sites but don't use them all. In the same way, I tend to jump from one mini-project to another. I guess it's just me doing a breadth-first search...
  5. I was pretty much like that when I was young, too. I had a physics set, a woodcraft set, a mini-planetarium and telescope, SETI kit, mini model skeleton, electronics kit, rock collection, dinosaur diorama, magic books & props, origami books, ...
  6. One of the experiments I distinctly remember is of trying to grow something out of nothing. Because I left a beaker of water out in the air for a few days and suddenly saw little "creatures" moving about, I thought it was true. It was later explained to me that they were larvae. Many years later, I found out about the obsolete theory of "spontaneous generation".
  7. One of the games I thoroughly enjoyed was The Omega Virus: "...a talking electronic board game released by Milton Bradley in 1992. It involves collecting weapons and room keys to destroy the computer virus which has taken over a space station." It was gimmicky but it was still fun. It's PvPvE!
  8. When playing MMORPGs, I like going to Player vs Player (PvP) - Role Play (RP) servers. I've just started RP-ing recently and now, an MMORPG without RP is playing only half the game. I especially like Age of Conan where what the best in life is "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women." Someone took your seat at the bar? Kill him!
  9. I didn't usually listen to music. Most of the music I listened to were game and anime OSTs, remixes of those, and oldies. It was only about 6-8 years ago when I did start listening to 'normal' music regularly.
  10. I love listening to dance music (techno, trance, eurobeat, electronica...) and I like dancing. I don't know how to dance but I just do whatever. I don't really care about what others say. I kind of want to learn at times.
  11. I punched three people, none of which I am proud of. First one was in nursery/prep (not sure). We were in the monkey bars and I'm not exactly sure what the reason was. I'm thinking I just didn't like his face. Second was by accident during early grade school. It was more like his face just went closer to my fist... Last one was during grade 6 or 7. During math class, before an exam, I was so pissed at one guy and my right fist landed flat on his right temple.
  12. I don't like insects and spiders. I do find them interesting & love doing macro shots of them but I don't like touching them...even butterflies.
  13. I love programming because it's just like solving problems. One of favorite sites is, co-founded by Jeff Atwood (also one of my favorite bloggers).
  14. My favorite "classic" Disney character is Goofy. Aside from being a good friend of the gang. He's always trying things out even if he doesn't really know how to do it. He might have failed miserably a lot of times, but he still goes on.
  15. After playing From Russia With Love on the PS2, I could do a mean impression of Sean Connery for a time. I did it for fun around the house and was proud of it. Hahaha!
  16. Of all the food, I love Filipino food the most. No meal is more satisfying than a meal with Kare-kare, Crispy pata, Pinangat and/or Bicol Express.
  17. I don't know how to drive (yet) but I love playing racing games. I tend to lean towards arcade driving rather than sims. The faster, the better. My favorites are F-Zero GX, Burnout Paradise & Midnight Club 3. (F-Zero GX: :D) I hope they come up with a new F-Zero game with 30-player online races.
  18. I love soundtracks especially those by these composers: Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Koji Kondo, Thomas Newman, James Newton Howard, Jeremy Soule and of course, John Williams. If I were to pick only one, it'd be Hans Zimmer. Special mention to Alan Silvestri (Forrest Gump) & Olivier Derivière (Alone in the Dark game & ObsCure).
  19. My favorite classical composer is Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.
  20. I miss playing with our diablolo. I can't seem to find it anywhere... If I don't find it soon, I think I'll get a new one.
  21. One thing I'd like to do is to do visuals effects on short movies or make test-reels. This includes: horror B-movie-ish (intentionally cheap-looking CGI), sci-fi (Star Trek/Star Wars), post-apocalyptic...
  22. I love Sci-Fi & Fantasy but I don't read much. When I was much younger, I read books like Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and some Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice. Recently, I have only read Conan lore & Mass Effect books. On my "to read" list, I have: other Conan lore,Dune, Tolkien books, Solomon Kane and Robert Jordan books, among others. I just don't know when I'll finish reading them since I usually get my fix in TV series, movies & games. I'm looking forward to the new Star Trek & Star Wars MMOs!
  23. I'm a sucker for music/rhythm games, even if I may not be that good at it. I like Frequency, Rez, DDR, E4, Elite Beat Agents, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Jam Legend, Auditorium,...
  24. I have a big fear of falling. Riding on a Ferris wheels and cable cars scare the shit out of me. Roller coasters are fine though...(unless it's a pain to ride it like the Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom. Urgh!).
  25. I wrote this on Notepad++, one of my favorite Windows apps. I use it for coding, writing notes & simple documents, checking text lengths, comparing texts, ...
  1. Maria Sophia Sereno
  2. Byron Wang
  3. Gene Gacho
  4. Marie Laurent Mendoza
  5. Miguel Martinez
  6. Alden Baleva
  7. Bobbie Reyes
  8. Jose Emilio Miclat Teves
  9. Kim Palpallatoc
  10. Kara Mauricio
  11. Mark Sioco
  12. Kristoffer Ryan Velarde
  13. Steph Buena
  14. Clark Cue
  15. Clarissa Sarmenta
  16. Diana Jayne Gonzales
  17. Marc Lihan
  18. Carolyn De Los Santos
  19. Christopher Cuyegkeng
  20. Chris Byron Chua
  21. Sheena Dela Cruz
  22. Ealden Escañan
  23. Mika Aldaba
  24. Stephanie Ng
  25. Ryan Yam

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Date:2009-01-26 03:45
Subject:Let's install Ubuntu!

O, installfest na ba?

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Date:2009-01-26 00:14
Subject:Bedtime Story

just not the kind for kids...

This book contains no nudity. No profanity. No sexual material of any kind. And yet it just might be the most obscene thing we've ever published! Penis Pokey is an illustrated board book with a large die-cut hole in its center. Every spread features a dazzling full-color illustration with one thing missing—a banana, perhaps, or a fire hose, or a sea serpent. Male readers can complete the illustrations using the talents God has given them. Are we serious? Yes! Is this funny? Absolutely! Will this be a terrific hit with college students, bachelorette parties, and exhibitionists of all ages? Of course! Penis Pokey is far and away thestrangest and funniest novelty book we've seen in a long, long time. used copies please~!

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Date:2009-01-13 17:07
Subject:Windows 7 Secrets

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

Yesterday, I posted my first impressions on the Windows 7 Beta. Today, I’ve bumped into a great informative post by Tim Sneath with his 30 favorite secrets in Windows 7. Much thanks to Tim!

Back From Retirement

I was happy to find among them a way to bring back the old Quick Launch Toolbar! (#13)

  • Right-click the taskbar, choose Toolbars / New Toolbar
  • In the folder selection dialog, enter the following string and hit OK:
    %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch
  • Turn off the “lock the taskbar” setting, and right-click on the divider. Make sure that “Show text” and “Show title” are disabled and the view is set to “small icons”.
  • Use the dividers to rearrange the toolbar ordering to choice, and then lock the taskbar again.

I just love the Quick Launch toolbar since it provides easy access the usual programs and folders I use without much clutter on the taskbar.

No Shaking Required

In my previous post, I also mentioned that the Aero Shake seemed impractical for non-touch/pen input. I guess Microsoft’s answer to that is the shortcut: [Win+Home]. (#3)

Hide and Go Peek

When on keyboard intensive tasks such as writing and coding, I hate to move my right hand and reach for the mouse. Good thing there’s [Win+Space] that reveals the Destkop like Aero Peek (#17), and [Win+1][Win+2], …[Win+5] for quick access to the first 5 items on the taskbar (#11), and [Win+T] to shift focus to the taskbar (#21). (Note: [Win+T] works on Vista, too)

Still More?

These are just my favorite “secrets” from what Tim Sneath posted. I can’t help but wonder what Microsoft is intentionally hiding from us, especialy after reading this from the Windows 7 Beta 1 review on TechRadar UK:

The beta is feature complete; although there are “a couple of things that we’re holding back”, according to general manager Mike Ybarra.

… “all of the code is in the build, just the discoverability is not.” …

Very Interesting…

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Date:2009-01-12 12:33
Subject:First Impressions on Windows 7 Beta

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

Public Beta Release

Last January 9, 2009, Microsoft released the Windows 7 Beta to the public. I don’t think Microsoft expected much demand since the servers were facing technical difficulties. The put down the site to ensure a better download experience. The link to the ISO was shared by some helpful users and still worked. However, potential testers (including me) couldn’t get a product key that would get past the 30-day limit.

Fortunately, Microsoft more than made up for their overloaded servers by extending the key distribution until January 24. If you’re interested, you can download the ISO, get a key and test Windows 7 yourself until it stops working on August 1, 2009. (By this time, maybe there will be another beta version / new key distribution…)

To Test or Not

I tried to resist beta testing Windows 7 but in the end, Windows 7 beta won. I finished downloading the Windows 7 x64 ISO (about 3.3 GB) & just got my product key yesterday morning (Sunday) and started testing shortly after.

After a day of use, here’s what I noticed, plus my comments/suggestions. I’ve tried to link to as much screenshots that I’ve taken to show what I mean.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Date:2009-01-06 15:53
Subject:Our Flag is Secure!

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.


I’m so excited that the TribesNext project has stepped up to fill in the gap that formed since Sierra dropped the Tribes 2 online multiplayer servers last November 1, 2008.

On the site they boast:

  • Robust, fully integrated and automated account system. No need to wait or worry, you can create and log in to your account to play right away!
  • High-grade account security. Your account is protected by a 512-bit (or higher) encryption key generated on registration.
  • Authentication server down, but you’ve already created an account? No problem! Just log in and play.
  • No waiting for a human to create your account; no need to alt-tab to fully use the game; no need to worry about account theft.
  • No need for a CD-Key! The game is completely free to download and play, so go ahead!

It’s a FREE, ONLINE, MULTIPLAYER game people! An FPS/TPS game complete with futurisitc weapons, vehicles, classes, large scale maps, flags, bases and jetpacks! …with 64-on-64 epic battles!

If you were too busy playing Counter-strike in the summer of 2001, you might have missed this awesome game. And now, here’s your chance!

Oh Sierra, I just hope you don’t away our dreams! If you do, we’ll be going after you with our spinfusors!

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Date:2009-01-05 12:18
Subject:Inverse Square Root

Originally published at maloki. You can comment here or there.

I just bumped into a clever little code snippet used to find the inverse square root:

float InvSqrt(float x){
   float xhalf = 0.5f * x;
   int i = *(int*)&amp;x;   // store floating-point bits in integer
   i = 0x5f3759d5 - (i &gt;&gt; 1);  // initial guess for Newton's method
   x = *(float*)&amp;i;  // convert new bits into float
   x = x*(1.5f - xhalf*x*x);  // One round of Newton's method
   return x;

[ taken with comments from Kalid Azad @ Understanding Quake's Fast Inverse Square Root ]

Ok, it does not get the exact value but you get a good enough estimate, FAST!

There are two important things to note here:

For a better explanation, I suggest reading Kalid Azad’s article and the paper by Charles McEniry.

Wait a minute, so why is this useful?

In graphics programming, this can be used to normalize vectors quickly. If you noticed the title on the first link, it’s used in the Quake 3 engine. So does that mean the legendary John Carmack wrote this code? If you’re interested, you can read the Origin of Quake3’s Fast InvSqrt() at Beyond3D.

What did I learn?

I usually forget one thing: there are times when speed trumps accuracy. A close quick estimate would be better and there are a number of optimations that can be made.

Much thanks goes to Doc Mana who first introduced me to the Newton-Raphson method & how to apply it on code.

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Date:2008-12-24 09:33
Subject:Merry Christmas!

While my phone is being fixed and I am not sure how to read the backup data I have...allow me to greet you guys here :)

Merry Christmas!

To the non-Christians, Happy Holidays / Kwanzaa / Hanukkah / Idul Adha, ....)!

Forget about weight, enjoy the food! (There's a new year ahead to lose it again. If you don't, you'll be more huggable anyway :P)

*Sorry if I don't reply to your text messages or what...I only have *some* idea of who you are and won't really know until I get my old phone back...sorry T.T

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